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This week, I am feeling important

These days, I tend to lead a quiet life as you know. I have, I suppose, largely retired as a public figure and enjoy my peace and quiet here on the yard. Lately, though, it seems I am in demand!

My Auntie Jane in the North sometimes asks me to send her some tail hair. I find this quite a personal request really – we have never met – but she says Auntie Jane is a good egg and does clever things, so I spare her some tail now and again. She uses it to do pottery. There is a technique called Raku and they use tail hair like mine to make patterns. Last year, Auntie Jane gave her a pot which had been decorated using my hair. Imagine! *whispers* There is a rumour that it may be awarded a place in the new kitchen as well.

Clever Auntie Jane!

Anyway, a few weeks ago, she asked for some hair again but here’s the thing: I need my tail! There are a lot of flies around at the moment, it’s hot, and our tails are really useful for swishing. And I also have another call on my valuable time -I am going to a show, so best tails are needed!

My local show is Cardigan County https://cardigancountyshow.org.uk/. I have been there before, in the coloured pony class, but this year there are special classes for Rescue Horses and Ponies like me! There are two classes, one where we are shown in-hand and another where the ridden boys strut their stuff. The classes are sponsored by my good friends at RSPCA Ceredigion.  They will be judged equally on history, condition and turnout, and conformation. Everyone has to submit a little story with their entry and then turn up for judging on the day. I am very excited because I love a day out!

As you know, I have a companion now. His name is William Bach.

William Bach

He is not a rescue pony but there are two classes which he can go in, so he will be coming with me. I will have to give him a few pointers on how to behave, trot nicely in-hand and how to leave me for short periods, but I am confident that we will have a great party. Come and join us if you can!

You see what I mean about being in demand?


My hard working friends

I have loads of friends! Some are people and some are ponies and horses and I have been gathering them ever since I came to live here. When I was an RSPCA pony, I made lots of friends in that Society and I am glad to say we keep in touch – and sometimes I am moved to stick up for my friends if I think they are being neglected.

A couple of weeks ago there was a big horse show called Equifest. It’s too far from here for me to go, but  a lot of my rescued friends go there and strut their stuff. Equifest is one of those shows which is ideal for the amateur showman; there are lots of qualifiers and lots of classes, so everyone gets busy and has a great day.

The RSPCA equine centres take some horses there to compete in the ‘Rescued horse or pony’ classes and they take some friends who are looking for homes as well. Last year, my old friend Sundae took the show by storm and won the ridden class – she is so cute – but this time she got a bit overexcited about meeting her public and flunked it! We all make mistakes Sundae!Image

Lisa and Mo and all the girls look after Sundae and the horses at Felledge Equine Centre. They work so hard and it’s not all beer and skittles! Sometimes a horse turns out to have a big problem and doesn’t make it. That is heartbreaking when you’ve done your best, lost sleep and tried everything. After a big show like Equifest, there is a lot of talk about the RSPCA as a whole, but little credit given to those who do the day-to-day stuff – and then give up loads of their spare time to fly the flag at the show.

Image Look at Chester and Diablo  – looking splendid from poor beginnings and also looking for new homes while they were at the show. Diablo found a home – so did Chester, but that fell through. He’s available again so here’s your chance! Catch up with him at rspca.org.uk.


It wasn’t just a day for the new boys either. Moon is a stunning boy now –  we scarcely believe he’s the same pony who arrived as a woolly little orphan foal and had to be handreared (no sleep for Lisa again). He is now Clare’s pride and joy and competes in all disciplines.


Debbie adopted Molly from the centre, having watched her develop from a welfare case into a lovely child’s pony. Exhibiting her at Equifest was quite a project, but worth it at the end of the day. I was thrilled to see Clare and Debbie’s photos. They are just as good at producing their ‘hobby’ at they are at helping all those poor, impoverished horses which arrive at the centre in droves each year.


Well done to all my dedicated friends and their horses. I sometimes think you don’t get the credit you deserve!