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Summer Holiday

My name’s Jack. Apparently there’s a song which starts like that, but I am six years old and I have never heard of it before I came here. She sings it sometimes when she comes to check us in the morning. Personally, I am not sure where the Greta Garbo home is, but I guess I am a bit wayward so it sort of fits. Mostly I am a good horse but when there are carrots about  I sometimes forget my manners. That is when she says ‘Jack!’

I am Jack

I was here for my summer holidays. At the end of my working winter we had NO grass left at home and there was lots here. I am what is called a ‘bale burner’ and I am always on the lookout for food.

When I arrived I was really fit! I always take my duties seriously and I patrolled the boundaries often and at speed. Fortunately it was a dry Spring, because I have big feet. But I found, in a bit of time, how good it is to stand and look at the sea – and the sea air makes you sleepy. After a few weeks I was spending longer and longer in bed each day.

The view from my balcony.

Doris is my best friend and she came on holidays too. Being a girl, she worries a lot; doesn’t patrol like me but spends a lot of time ruminating stuff. It took her a while to settle in but I explained to her about the sea air and the grass and sure enough it did its thing. She looks gorgeous now (deep sigh), she has relaxed a bit and boy do I fancy her!


This was a while ago and now we are back in work.

Nice to see you.