It was a funny old year.

Well, 2015 has been and gone and what a strange thing happened to me! As you know, I always have my say about animal welfare. I am a great pony for the social networking and I have made a lot of new friends and found loads of old ones as well. I do not discriminate! I am a friend to elephants and cats, giraffes and border terriers, carthorses and miniature Shetland ponies, lions and tigers.

It was the lions and tigers which got me into trouble actually. A tatty circus act came to our district, using lions and tigers to do tricks. They said their act was about care and conservation but I wasn’t fooled! This was a circus and I didn’t think it was very fair, or natural for the animals to be used in that way. It’s supposed to be a free country, so I recorded my disagreement with the use of live animals in circuses on Facebook and what do you think? Facebook suspended my profile!  I am back now, but they have cramped my style because I can only be a ‘pet’ (as if!) and am not allowed to have a profile at all. So please accept my apologies if I haven’t been in touch with some of you – I miss our conversations but Facebook won’t let me do it any more.

Keep in touch in 2016 – I am still on Twitter as you know and at least we can have conversations on there. I hope you all have a good time –  a safe, warm and comfortable year, with company you love and someone to feed you good things and protect you from harm.

Happy New Year!



1 thought on “It was a funny old year.


    Hi Tim & Sally
    Have a happy new year.
    Doesn’t surprise me about Facebook. What has happened to Freedom of Speech?
    I am disgusted with their response.
    On another note beware if you shop at lidl. Popped in there in carmarthen just before Xmas. Got £90 fine for parking in their car park?????
    Apparantly you have to supply your reg number at checkout but no one tells you that!!!!
    Well I have been in touch with lidl NO COMMENT!!!!
    I am not paying the fine, they can take me to court.
    The more I get bulldozed by people the more I love all animals.
    Keep up all your GOOD work.
    Keep in touch
    Diana & Gang xxx


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