It’s a sad day

Here on the yard, we are all a bit subdued today. This morning, our dear Glitz, the yard cat, was found dead on the cross-roads; she had obviously been knocked down by a car. It was unheard of for Glitz to go far from the yard, let alone half a mile, and we think she must have been frightened by the very loud and very local fireworks last night. There was no warning of the fireworks – we live in the back of beyond – and there isn’t a way of confining a free spirit like Glitz anyway.

She was a particular little cat – very pretty but of uncertain temper. That is how she ended up being a yard cat. Nobody wanted to adopt her and the independent life of a farmyard suited her. She was fed twice a day and wormed regularly, so that she would be healthy and strong. She patrolled the buildings and brought a ‘present’ to the feed shed most mornings

Good Morning!

Good Morning!


Early in her life with us, she would bite and scratch and her tail twitched a lot, whatever that means in catspeak.  However, lately, she had settled into a lovely companion and was always around, when something was going on at the yard,

She will be sadly missed.

Found a sunbeam!

Found a sunbeam!



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