Does anyone know?

Where the sunshine has gone please? Yesterday was a brilliant day; warm, bright and endless. When the hobbits came in for breakfast I could hardly see them for the sun in my eyes.

Hobbits in the sun

Later she took Hooli and Tawny ride and lead and they came back very tired but quite content. They had also taken a photo on the way – I ask you, what an effort, you can’t get the staff!

Hooli and lop sided horizon

I was out in the field with Tawny and Hooligan and I didn’t come in until quite late. There isn’t much to eat there, but I have to watch my figure, like all of the permanent residents here. We are all well nourished and cared for – it’s the poorly ones who get all the grass. I understand all this, because I was once very poorly myself, but Tawny does get a bit waspish about the whole diet thing.

TT in the paddock

Later, she got busy having bonfires and collecting firewood. Fine autumn days seem to take her that way. She is muttering about the harness room as well. We need so much stuff! There is no telling what size the next poorly horse will be, so every rug gets kept, just in case.autumn bonfire

Anyway, that was yesterday. Today the rain is biblical and I would like the sunshine back again please.



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