New Friends


Last week was very full of stuff. On Thursday, my friends Ben and Timothy Too went off to their new home. I was sad to see them go, but I did feel that I had helped them along their way. They were lucky little guys. Together with Bill, they were sponsored by the Pettifor Trust for their veterinary expenses while they were here. They have settled down well after being gelded and are sure to make good family ponies.



Timothy Too

Timothy Too



Bill is still here because his gelding operation was a bit more complicated. I am looking after him for a while – I must say, he does not play such rough games as he used to and I am quite relieved about that!

On Friday, quite late, two trailers rumbled down the lane to the yard and some new friends arrived! Their names are Frodo, Bilbo and Merry. They are a bit rough in the manners department, but I have had a word with them about that.

Meeting and greeting

Meeting and greeting


Frodo is brave and sociable. He loves to be groomed and does his leading really well. He is well grown but thin and in need of Doctor Green (luckily the good Dr is here for the summer).

Bay Bilbo is VERY SHY. He can hardly bear to look at you really, but once he has his courage in both hands (hooves?) he allows himself to be touched and heaves a big sigh of relief.

Little black Merry is kind of the odd one out. He is number three in this gang and the smallest, however, what he lacks in size, he makes up for in character (rather like my good self really). When he arrived, he was doing all of the defensive stuff which we all do when we are scared. He tossed his head and stamped his front foot, but gradually his curiosity (and greed) has got the better of him. After three days, he is itching to play another game and this morning decided that having his tummy scratched was his new favourite thing!


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