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We are lucky here. We have lots of different fields and paddocks, which we share with sheep, cattle and other horses, depending on the time of year. Sometimes, we help out with the strimming as well, as the edges of the lane start to meet in the middle! My friends Hooligan and Tawny have been helping with the edges all week.


There are so many different plants and herbs and trees, we have a lovely choice of treats on days like today. Tawny has a bit of a problem with some bones and joints in her feet. She really likes eating the goose grass because she knows it will help her mobility. She also favours ash leaves and this is where she needs Hooligan’s help. He is the biggest, so she stands right by him when he reaches for a high branch, then snatches it for herself. Hooli is so good tempered – he doesn’t mind.


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